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Religion Requirements

Religion Requirements

All BYU–Idaho degree-seeking students are required to complete BYU–Idaho religion credits and courses. The amount of required religion credits and courses will vary based on the following factors:  

  1. The type of BYU–Idaho degree being pursued.
  2. The amount of transfer credit already earned by the student.
  3. Previous LDS church school or CES Institute of Religion Credit earned. (LDS church school credit must be on an official university transcript. Institute of Religion Credit must be taken for Church University Credit and be noted as such on the official Institute transcript)

The following link will help you determine the amount of religion courses and credits required for your degree: 
Religion Requirements and Transfer Credit Waivers (most recent catalog year) 

To access religion requirements for older catalog years click here
Transcripts are officially evaluated and processed within 2-4 weeks after a student accepts their offer to attend BYU–Idaho and our office has received the official transfer transcripts.

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