BYU–Idaho accepts most college-level courses from regionally-accredited institutions. BYU–Idaho only accepts transfer courses with a grade of C- or higher. Transfer Credits will not be used in calculating your BYU–Idaho GPA. Only courses taken at BYU–Idaho will factor into your GPA. 

If your transfer course is directly equivalent to a BYU–Idaho course, it will be listed accordingly on your official Transfer Course Evaluation Report (sent to your BYU–Idaho email account). If an equivalency has not been made, the credits will transfer to BYU–Idaho as "Elective Credit." Courses completed 10+ years ago may only be accepted as "Elective Credit". 

Courses from institutions that are not regionally-accredited are not transferable to BYU–Idaho. Courses earned in curriculum areas not offered at BYU–Idaho are not transferable to BYU–Idaho.

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