Title IX Office

Nick Rammell

Nick Rammell
Title IX Coordinator
290 Kimball Building

Confidential Support Contacts

Emily Brumbaugh

Emily Brumbaugh 
Sexual Assault Support Counselor 
BYU-Idaho Counseling Center, 285 SHC 

The Sexual Assault Support Counselor (SASC) assists students at Brigham Young University - Idaho who have experienced rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking or other interpersonal violence. The SASC provides support, stabilization counseling, guidance and information to help students make more informed choices regarding their situation. All services are free and confidential.

Tim Belnap

Timothy Belnap, University Chaplain 
Confidential Advisor to Responding Parties 
120 Kimball Building 

The Confidential Advisor to Responding Parties is available to meet with any student identified as a “Responding Party” (the person accused of causing the harm) in a BYU-Idaho Title IX investigation. The Advisor is an impartial individual not otherwise involved in the investigation or disciplinary process. The Advisor is available to provide the Responding Party a confidential setting to ask questions and obtain information about the Title IX investigation process. The Advisor can also help the Responding Party access other resources on campus that may be desired (e.g. counseling, etc.). The Advisor’s services are free and confidential.

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