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Active Shooter on Campus

Students, faculty, and staff should know how to protect themselves if an active shooter is on campus. Follow these safety measures to stay safe in public spaces.

"Run. Hide. Fight"

Keep yourself and others out of harm’s way during an active shooter situation. Your actions make a difference for your safety and survival.

Created by the City of Houston, Texas, this six-minute instructional video provides valuable guidance to follow in these situations, though there is no guarantee of survival. BYU-Idaho purchased the rights to this video for student and employee use.
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Safety Steps for an Active Shooter Situation

1. Run
  • Get out if you can. Always seek to evacuate the area. Encourage others leave with you, but do know slow down your escape.
  • Leave your belongings. Your life is first priority.
  • Call 911 when you are safe. Give as much information you can, including address, description, of the shooter, and number of people in the building.
2. Hide
  • If you can't get out of the building, secure your space. Use chairs, tables, desks, or other heavy objects to block entrances. Turn off lights and silence your cell phone. Stay as quiet as possible.
  • Communicate with others in the area if you can. Let them know where you are in the building so help can find you.
  • If unable to find a room or closet to hide, conceal yourself behind large objects.
3. Fight
  • Only fight an active shooter if your life is in danger.
  • Whether alone or in a group, be prepared to fight.
  • Act with aggression and use improvised weapons.
  • Commit to your actions.
4. Look for Emergency Responders
  • When emergency responders arrive, remain calm.
  • Keep your hands visible at all times.
  • Avoid pointing or yelling.
Produced by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, this 18-minute video will help you establish a survival mindset in an active shooter situation.