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Report A Concern

Report a Concern

Privacy Disclaimer: All information shared with these forms will remain confidential and will only be discussed between you and those involved in helping you.
If you are concerned about a student's well-being or safety, please use this form. If you believe the student's behavior may constitute an emergency or poses a threat to the student or others, please call 9-1-1.

This form will be sent to the Dean of Students Office. Please visit the Dean of Students website for more information.

If you witness a general conduct violation, including violations of Housing, Honor Code, and other University policies, please use this form. If you are an instructor reporting academic dishonesty, please use the reporting form in I-Learn under ‘Help’.

This form will be sent to the Student Honor Office. Please visit the Student Honor Office website for more information.
To report an incident of sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking), please use this form. You may submit this form anonymously; however, without the identification of the victim/survivor or the person(s) accused of wrongdoing, the university may be limited in how it can respond.

This form will be sent to the Title IX Coordinator. Please visit the Title IX Office website for more information. 


BYU-Idaho is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for the campus community. Read more about these commitments on the BYU-I Title IX website.

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The Church Education System (CES) Honor Code includes shared values that help promote an atmosphere where the Spirit of the Lord can flourish. Read more on the BYU-I Honor Code website.

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The BYU-Idaho Counseling Center is committed to valuing diversity in all forms. Read more on the BYU-I Counseling Center website.

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BYU-Idaho's Health Center provides students primary healthcare. Read more about the services offered on the BYU-I Student Health Center website.

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The BYU-Idaho Disability Services Office provides support and services to qualifying students to ensure equal access and to foster a spirit of integration and inclusion. Read more on the BYU-I Disability Services website.

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The Public Safety Office seeks to maintain a peaceful, secure, and safe campus environment for all students and employees. Read more on the BYU-I Public Safety website.

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