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Second Religion Class

Can I take more than one religion class per semester?

John Taylor Building

Can I take more than one religion class per semester?

Ideally, students should take one religion course each semester they are on-track until they have completed the religion requirement for their respective degrees.
Because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints maintains that regular gospel study is a necessary part of the university experience, religion courses are built into BYU-Idaho’s degree requirements so that students can develop and enrich their religious understanding and convictions while progressing in their respective secular fields. As such, religion courses conform to university standards and expectations and are an integral, continuous part of a student's university experience.
In most cases, taking a second religion class during one semester leaves students without any religion class during another; therefore, we recommend that students take only one religion class each semester. However, no approvals are necessary for a student to enroll in a second religion class, but the registration system will not allow students to register for a second religion class prior to the first day of the term in which they will take the class.

Second Block Classes

This policy also applies to second block classes. Students should take this into account when creating their Grad Plan so that credit requirements and limits for scholarships and other forms of financial aid can be met without the second religion class appearing on their registration before the first day of the term.

Please note:
Three or more religion classes in one semester requires departmental approval. Such approval will only be granted in cases of extreme academic necessity. If you feel your situation qualifies, please contact Brother Lon Pyper to request approval.