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  • Shawn Johansen

    Brother Shawn Johansen Teaches About The Value of Spiritual Records

    "Records allow us to do other important things like for example, develop gratitude," Shawn Johansen, Chair of the History, Geography and Political Science Department at BYU-Idaho told BYU-Idaho Radio. "They help us to see blessings the Lord has given to us...in addition to gratitude...they help us improve. Journals, if they're done correctly...help us be self-evaluative."

  • Pumpkins

    BYU-Idaho Students Host Children's Halloween Party

    "For our class, we had to put on an event this semester and so we chose to have a Halloween kiddie carnival," Emma Dillard, a junior studying communications with an emphasis in public relations told BYU-Idaho Radio. "It's open to the community children ages, basically from zero to 10, anyone in that age range."

  • Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gather in front of the LDS Conference Cente for General Conference

    LDS Church Announces Consolidates General Conference Sessions

    According to the letter, consolidating general conference sessions into one weekend furthers Church efforts "of reducing and simplifying the work of the Church and the demands made upon leaders and members," and stated the change would bless the lives of all the members of the church.

  • "The Spot" Album Artwork: Episode 3

    New Episode Of "The Spot" Podcast Dives Into Halloween

    In this week's episode of "The Spot," Myles Primm, Dale Spaulding, and Sydney Jensen tackle the second part of their Halloween series and talk about all things haunted.

  • Wayne Kimball's "Sleeper"

    Artist Behind New Exhibit At Spori Art Gallery Talks Creative Inspiration

    "It's a statement describing where I work and that I don't have to follow the instructions anymore because I've been doing it long enough that I can do it just by thinking about it," Wayne Kimball, a southeast Idaho artist told BYU-Idaho Radio.

  • BYU-Idaho students walk in front of the David O. McKay library

    BYU-Idaho Enrollment Figures for Fall 2017 Show "Steady, Upward Course"

    Brigham Young University-Idaho's student population is on a "steady, upward course." That's what the latest numbers from the university are saying after officials released a report showing student enrollment for the Fall 2017 semester is up almost eight percent from last year

  • Sister Wendy Harris

    Sister Wendy Harris Invites People To Focus on Spiritual Connections

    "We need to control those things that invade our spiritual connections and choose what matters most," Sister Wendy Harris, a faculty member in the Home and Family Department at BYU-Idaho told BYU-Idaho Radio. "That's the bottom line, what should matter most and make sure that we're allowing what matters most to really be the focus in our lives."

  • Noteworthy

    Members of BYU Noteworthy develop close relationships during their time perfroming.

  • "The Spot" Episode 2 Album Artwork

    BYU-Idaho Radio Hosts Talk Halloween In Second Podcast Episode, "The Spot"

    In their second episode of their podcast, "The Spot," BYU-Idaho Radio hosts Myles Primm, Dale Spaulding and Sydney Jensen jump headlong into a two-part series on Halloween.

  • Brother M. Joseph Brough

    Brother M. Joseph Brough Invites Others to View Repentance Positively, Obey Exactly

    "I am sure that I do not completely understand what exact obedience means, but here is what I have come to understand," Brough said during his devotional. "It is not perfect obedience; that is impossible. Hence, repentance must be a key part of exact obedience."