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William James Mentoring Program

Purpose and Overview

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The William James Mentorship Program is geared toward helping psychology students succeed in their undergraduate career and preparing them for the world of psychology post-graduation. The program is designed in two parts: group activities and individual mentoring. Through both mediums, students can make strong social connections and receive personalized assistance in achieving academic and vocational success.

At group activities, psychology students socialize with other psychology students to practice networking skills and develop friendships. This enables students a better chance of success in within the psychology major through building a solid social support network. Activities are oriented towards future-building, social fun, and service.

Individual mentoring takes place according to the personal schedules of mentors and mentees. The purpose of this aspect of the William James program is to give students who are knowledgeable in the psychology major the opportunity to help new or struggling students. When it comes to their assigned mentee, mentors are responsible for providing faith and academic support, guidance for campus resources, connecting students to career and networking opportunities, and guiding mentees towards success in the psychology program according to its target outcomes. Mentors represent the psychology department by acting responsibly and assisting any students who are not their mentee in finding resources and obtaining general information about the psychology department.

Program Lectures

This program lecture entitled, "Expressive Individualism and the Resorted Gospel," was given by Jeffrey Thayne on June 16, 2022, for the William James Prestigious Lecture series at BYU-Idaho.


Students gather together to plant flowers on the temple grounds.

Group activities are held once a month. They are not limited to students in the mentorship program but are geared specifically towards psychology students. The activities are planned and carried out by mentor volunteers. Each semester, there is at least one social activity and one service activity. The specifics of these activities are decided by a council of mentors.

Activities are conducted according to pre-determined dates on the program’s semester calendar. Included on this calendar will be the dates of activities, trainings, and meetings involving the program. This is distributed to all mentors, sent in an email to all psych majors, and there will be a copy in the psychology department office.

To receive text notifications about upcoming activities and program announcements, text “@wjprogram” to 81010.

Receiving a Mentor
Once a student has signed up for mentoring, they will be assigned to a mentor in the program who will reach out to them personally. Students in the program will meet and communicate with their mentor as needed. The mentorship will be designed according to the needs of the student and be geared towards helping the student achieve their goals to be successful in the psychology major and field.

Request a Mentor
Becoming a Mentor
Mentors are selected contingent on their meeting the following criteria:
-Junior or senior
-Psychology major for at least two full semesters
-GPA 3.0 or higher

To be a mentor, students can complete an online application. If they meet the requirements specified above, applicants will be contacted by the program coordinator and invited to a group interview.

Mentors are required to attend all monthly meetings and activities. They are also required to attend an initial training before they start mentoring. (The application is only open the first two weeks of each semester.)

Become a Mentor Application