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Psychology Student Resources

Academic Success and Tutoring Centers

Students sitting in the Tutoring Center

For students wanting to improve their academic reading skills, revise an essay, get help with a specific class, advance their study skills, or ask a question, they can get the help they need in the Academic Success and Tutoring Centers. We welcome all students and are ready to serve them as they move forward to achieve their academic goals. Location: David O. McKay Library, 2nd Floor, East Wing, Phone: 496-4270.

Academic Success and Tutoring Centers

Grade Petition

For a D grade petition, students may petition the Department Chair to allow a D grade to be counted toward their graduation and meet pre-req requirements for other classes with the following exclusions:

  • You cannot have a GPA less than 2.0 because the D grade will put you below a 2.0 and prevent your graduation.
  • We do not waive D grades in PSYCH 302.  That course requires a C- or better.

To petition the Department Chair, please email Dr. Yohan Delton at with the following information:

  • Your name and I-number
  • Your current GPA
  • Class name and grade received
  • Reason for request