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Physics Student Resources

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Additional Student Resources

The Physics Department is in charge of the Planetarium located in room 107 in the Romney building. The planetarium offers an opportunity to explore our Universe through several different shows. Come see the stars, planets, and recognize constellations as they appear above you, just as if you were gazing at the night sky.
February 06, 2023 11:39 AM
The Physics Department is in charge of the observatory on top of the Romney building. Hours and days may vary. Check the BYUI Observatory Facebook page for current information and updated hours.
February 06, 2023 11:40 AM
The pretest can be taken if a student feels that they do not need to take the Math prereqs required for PH 105. They can take this pretest to see their math level and determine whether or not they can speak with the instructor of the section they would like to add about possibly waiving the prereqs.
February 06, 2023 11:40 AM
The Physics Department has many Academic Societies to help further your education and networking. Join a society today!
The Physics Department operates a weather station in conjunction with the National Weather Service. Visit our weather station for up to the minute weather data.
February 06, 2023 11:36 AM
Learn more about the physics program and its requirements.
Registration Holds
All physics majors are required to meet with their faculty mentor every semester in order to be granted clearance to register. This meeting can be in person, via email, or by phone. Students are also required to turn in the Student Semester Checklist to show their progress. The purpose behind it is so we can help you stay on track, know your long-term goals, etc. so we can help you get into the right classes, in the right sequence, and ready to graduate. Please come see Sister Melanie Nelson in ROM 118 if you need help finding your assigned faculty mentor.
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