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Physics Student Theses

A respository of student theses from previous physics majors at BYU-Idaho.

Fall 2023

Theranostic Matching of [225Ac]Ac-PSMA-617 & [134Ce]Ce-PSMA-617
Modeling Properties of a Spin Seebeck Based Broadband Detector Using Python
Distance to Su Dra Estimated Via Photometric Analysis
Improving the Mapping of Acoustic Intensity Fields in Laboratory-Scale Cool and Heated Jets
Research on the Lifetime of a Neutron: Preparing for the Experiment
Optimizing Dune Beam Parameters for Tau Neutrino Charged-Current Event Rate
Physical Properties Influenced by Symmetry Breaking in 2D Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Pickleballs
Powder X-Ray Diffraction of SR3SN2O7
Spiral Arms in the Near-Ultraviolet
The Variability Properties of Markarian 501 (MRK 501)
Magnetic Sensor Performance Evaluation in DIII-D with Magnetic Diagnostic Response Function
Optimizing Parallelization in the Vienna AB Inito Simulation Package

Spring 2023

A Numerical Method of Approximating the Partition Function
Comparing Basis Sets on Organic Dyes Using Time Dependent Density Functional Theory

Winter 2023

Asteroid Interception to Mine Resources
Microstructural Analysis of Laser Welds in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
Influence of the Great Impact on the Orbit of Earth

Fall 2022

Writing a Step-by-step Guide for Undergraduate Students Using the XRF Machine
Polar Motion Modeling Predicting How the Position of Earth's Geological Pole Varies Over Time
Evaluating the Mass Resolution of the St. George Detection System
Distance to UY BOO: A Photometric Analysis of an RR Lyrae Variable Star
Distance to ST BOO an RR Lyrae Type Star in the Constellation Bootes
Atomic Structural Analysis on Fatigued Copper and Aluminium Using Doppler Broadening Techniques
Improving an In-vacuum Monochromator for an Extreme Ultraviolet Light Source
Analysis of the Hardened Intersite Cable System in the American ICBM Network
Addressing Two Challenges of Developing an Extreme Ultraviolet Light Source for Imaging Magnetic Materials
Optimization of Multi-layer Thin-film Structures with Phase Change Materials
Frequency Response and Nodal Mapping of Singing Bowls
Drive Waveform Optimization in an Electrostatically Actuated Mems Mirror for Coherent Lidar
Simulating Solid Phase Changes in Dense Lithium

Spring 2022

Acoustic Characterization of Rooms Using Directional & Omnidirectional Sources
Change In Particulate Matter In The Atmosphere Throughout Different Seasons: Rexburg, Idaho

Winter 2022

Light Scattering Model Through Computational Methods In Python Using A Digitized Green Function By Scattering Of Small Particles
Conversion Of Nimiix Ion Accelerator Into A Positron Beam: A Feasibility Study
Characterizing Rocket Noise From Castor 600 And 300 Solid Rocket Motors
Levels Of Carbon Dioxide At High Altitude
Improving Offset Calculation For Drift Time Spectra For The Straw Tracking Station At Hades
Using Machine Learning To Predict Binary Compound Phases From Electron Configurations

Fall 2021

Determining Accuracy Of Materials Simulation Models
Solving The Ginzburg-Landau Equations For 3he Using The Finite Difference Method
Isochronal Analysis Of Open Star Cluster Berkeley 43
Fiber-Coupled Fmcw Lidar
Initial Development Of A Helicon Plasma Source
The Impact Of Going Remote Due To Covid-19
Makeup Of Fire Season Smoke Throughout The Atmosphere And Its Effect On Air Quality
An Interatomic Potential For Agpt Via Machine Learning
Forensic Audio Analysis Of Gunshots
Crystal Synthesis Of Selected Quantum Materials
Determination Of Vacancy Energy Through Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
Updating The NHD Using GIS

Older Thesis Examples

Fall 2016

Neishan Ali: Universality Of The Loopless Nontrapping Invasion-Percolation Model

John-Michael Bradley: Foundation For An Anisotropic Model

Caleb Duff: Development Of Real Time Data Visualization And Analysis Software For The National Synchrotron Light Source Ii (NSLS-II) X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XPD) Beam Line

Dallin Francom: Alignment Method For Diffuse Optical Tomography Reconstructions Used In Prostate Photodynamic Therapy

Jarin French: Improving The Function For Grain Boundary Energy Interpolation In Uranium Dioxide

Nick Hall: Prototyping Neutron Detectors For Supercdms Calibration

Daxton Hawks: Performance Of Phase And Amplitude Gradient Estimator Method For Calculating Energy Quantities In A Plane-Wave Tube Environment

Jacob Johnson: Qualification Of Phillips X'pert Mpd Diffractometer For Applications In X-Ray Diffraction And X-Ray Reflection

Bryce Murray: Temperature Dependent Doppler Broadening For Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy

Spring 2016

Alex Marvin: Cradtran: A C++ Radiative Transfer Code

Enea Rrokaj: Determining The Validity Of The Topographic Lidar Equation

Brett Wilson: Initial Orbit Determination Through Optical Observations

Winter 2016

James Mcculloch: Stimulated Metal Whisker Growth

Jon Slater: An Investigation Of Skylight Polarization Using A Spectro-Polarimeter

Russell Steed: Simulating Financial Markets Using Physical Models

Heather Tippets: Radiation Safety Design For High Energy Electron Flux Environments Testing

Jared Tolliver: Incorporating Anisotropic Grain Boundary Energy Into A Phase Field Model Of Uranium Dioxide

Trevor Vent: An Introduction To Multiplanar Reconstructions In Digital Breast Tomosynthesis -- Accompanying Slides
Fall 2014

Ross Blaszczyk: Life Detection Using Microwave Back Scatter and Prolate Spheroids

Jacob Hales: Semi-Empirical Simulation Method for High-Powered Model Rocketry

Spring 2014

Kushal Bhattarai: Investigation of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy of Arsenic Implant Defects in Silicon Wafers

Kellie Hoiland: Identification of Semiconductors Through Positron Annihilation

Winter 2014

Derek Andrews: Activation Energies of Spark Plasma Sintered Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels

Eric Harker: Scalable Interconnect Model for Tower Jazz SBC18

Josh Heiner: Numerical Modeling of Positron Annihilation

Malachi Tolman: Modifying TALYS to Implement Custom Nuclear Level Densities
Fall 2012

Knight, Jedi: Lagrangian Particle Tracking And Atmospheric Microscale Turbulence

Spring 2012

Decker, Karl: The Time Dependence Of The X-Ray Triboluminescence Of Adhesive Tape

Mcguire, Kelly: Surface Distribution And X-Ray Emission From Scotch Tape

Scott, Phil: Measuring The Thickness Of Thin Metal Films

Rodriguez, Juan: Photodiode Light Dectector Calibration And Optical System Alignment Methods

Wilson, Jon: Visualization Of Modis Data In The Blender Environment: Or Science In A Blender

Winter 2012

Pincock, Dallin: Positron Annihilation And The W-Parameter

Baird, Lorin: Surface Tension Driven Flow Of Micro Particles

Lemmon Bhattarai, Sarah: Color Imaging Using The Byu-Idaho Maksutov-Newtonian Telescope And Tri-Color Ccd Camera

Keller, Brad: Benefit Of Visual Survey Data System

Andersen, Allen: Microwave Optics Research

Kackstaetter, Marianne: Variable Star Observation Of Ux Hercules And Xz Draco And 24-Inch Telescope Control Program

Murray, Bryce: Effects Of Including Parity Ditributions On Neutron Induced Cross Sections
Fall 2011

Barney, Josh: Pytran

Cameron, Kayla: Detection Of Transitting Exoplanets

Spring 2011

Lafranceschina, Jacopo: Positron Annihilation Defect Imaging (Padi)

Winter 2011

Francis, Ben: Construction Of Components Of A Strontium Ion Interferometer

Hawkins, Russell: A Hypothetical Study Of Valley Crosswinds
Winter 2009

Christenson, Wayne: Tungsten Stm Tip Production Methods And Evaluation

Hansen, Aaron: A Proof Of Concept For A Method Of Sending Weather Data Telemetrically

Heilmann, Nathan: Extreme Ultraviolet Light Polarimetry

Starks, Berkley: The Effect of the E1 Strength Function on Neutron Capture Cross Sections

Fall 2008

Dumais, Heidi: True Color BVR Imaging From Astronomical Exposures

Francom, Brian: X-ray Fluorescence Instrument Calibration

Sanders, Cameron: Characterization and Applications of 100-300 MEV Electron Beams

Schaeffer, Daniel: Fabrication of Tungsten Fiber Arrays in Glass and Electrochemical Etching of Tungsten Wire

Winter 2005

Kristen Woffinden: Preliminary Work in Detection of Defects in Minerals Using X-Ray Diffraction

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