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Build a Custom Degree
Gain the skills you want for the vision you have. Design your own degree with Interdisciplinary Studies.

What is an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Unlike traditional single-subject majors, an interdisciplinary studies degree is made up of two or more areas of academic study. This program allows you to combine different subjects of interest into a personalized major that better fits your career goals.

Your Customized Major

Create a customized degree based on the areas of study that interest you.
First Day of Fall Semester

Your Customized Major

Create a customized degree based on the areas of study that interest you.
Tailored to Your Interests
Study a variety of subjects that you are passionate about. Learn how to combine your interests into one customized major.
Gain Specialized Skills
Harmonize your unique interests to develop skills for a successful, rewarding career.
Graduate with Confidence
Your distinctive education will offer future employers valuable talent that stands apart from other job applicants.

A Study Program Designed by You

Students who have a specific career or goal in mind and want to combine multiple interests to meet their goals, will find the Interdisciplinary Studies degree a great fit. This flexible program allows you to shape your future with your strengths and interests.

“Interdisciplinary Studies allowed me to combine my three passions into one. I felt like I had a better direction toward my career, and greater opportunities have opened up for me in the future."
Marsi Frederick, Interdisciplinary Studies Alumna
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Examples of Custom Degrees

Event Planning
Combination of Business and Communication courses.
Art Therapy
Combination of Art and Psychology courses.
Agricultural Engineering
Combination of Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering courses.
Game Creator
Combination of Software Engineering and Creative Writing courses.
Interior Design
Combination of home design and construction classes.
Combine business courses with a supplemental skill.
Movement Specialist
Combination of dance and exercise physiology classes.
Sociology or Psychology Research
Combination of psychology/sociology and statistics courses.

Get Started on Your Customized Degree

Contact Career and Academic Advising to discuss your career goals and find out if an Interdisciplinary Studies degree is the right one for you. An academic advisor will help you explore different degree options and build a degree that will meet your career goals.
Meet with an academic advisor to discuss and plan your Interdisciplinary Studies degree.