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IDS News & Notes

Faculty Spotlight: Tadayoshi Sakota

“It’s not just achieving the goal that's important but it’s the process of becoming a better person and learning and refining skills that makes a person really a whole person.”

Internship Spotlight: Katie Walker

"You have to ask for opportunities and put yourself out there. People don’t know what you want unless you tell them."

R&CW Fall 2019

On Thursday, December 12th, students from different departments of campus came together to show off projects they had been working on all semester. There were over 100 projects being displayed, with approximately 25 Interdisciplinary studies students in the mix. This article spotlights 3 projects completed by interdisciplinary studies majors.

Internship Spotlight: Hayden Allred

“My internship [goes] all the way back [to] 2015 at the Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone Montana. I was hired originally as a sound designer and soundboard operator,” said Hayden, “It was a fluke that I landed the job at Playmill because I [had] never touched a soundboard in my life before.”

Project Spotlight: Katelynn Hornberger

"Capstone projects by nature give an opportunity to explore the unknown, to really test your boundaries and show off your skills."Read about Katelynn Hornberger's dream project come true and her experience taking advantage of the Capstone course to accomplish it.

Faculty Spotlight: Career Exploration and Interdisciplinary Studies

“[While] Interdisciplinary Studies is not necessarily the degree for everyone, we are interdisciplinary beings,” said Willis. ”We’ll learn as we develop [and] age and start building our knowledge base and our ability to perspective take [or,] see things from different perspectives because we then experienced it.”