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Speak Courage: An IDS Forum

Do you find public speaking intimidating? Do you have classes, projects, or a job that requires public presentation of some kind? Then learn the public speaking tips Brother Spencer Haacke shares in this interdisciplinary studies forum, Speak Courage.

IDS 499: The Interdisciplinary Capstone Project

As college students attend classes, complete assignments, and evaluate their progress at the end of each semester, it can be difficult to have a complete vision for their future career. This is especially true for Interdisciplinary Studies majors. IDS 499 is the class designed to give students a sharp definition of their future careers.

Finding a Mentor for IDS 499

There are many degrees on campus that require students to complete a Capstone project. For these capstone projects, a mentor is required. This article can help students understand the role of mentors, how they help a capstone project, and how to get the best one for their project.

The Elevate Finals Competition - Spring 2021

ELEVATE is a student competition meant to challenge students to solve a social problem on campus. Last semester that challenge was: "How can students elevate their mental health by creating a culture of positivity?" This semester students learned, created, and presented their own unique solutions to this problem and fought for a spot in the finals competition!

Write Your Story: pt. 1 - An IDS Forum with Mark Willis

When his hamstring snapped in the middle of the Olympics, Derek Redmond was remembered throughout Olympic history for this heartfelt story. Now, Mark Willis retells this story to show IDS students how important it is to attach your personal story to the resume you give potential employers.

Terra Hyde: IDS Capstone Project Spotlight

Terra Hyde, an Interdisciplinary Studies student, recounts her experience creating and accomplishing her IDS Capstone Project. Her chosen project is to publish a biligual children's book in English and Mandarin that teaches children about how plants and animals have advance science and medicine.

Tell Your Story: An IDS Forum with Jacob Burdis

An IDS Forum with guest speaker, Jacob Burdis, discussing how interdisciplinary students can learn to tell the story of their IDS degree and acurately represent themselves employers, clients, and the world.