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IDS Core Skills: Facilitate Productive Collaboration

Interdisciplinary Studies students begin their degree by learning about the Four Core IDS Skills that they will be developing. With the help of BYU-Idaho’s Interdisciplinary Studies council, we will be taking an in-depth look at each of the four skills finishing off the series with the skill, ‘Facilitating Productive Collaboration”.

Being a Lifelong Learner - Nicole Thurgood: Student Spotlight

Despite already having plenty of business experience and a family to take up most of her time, Nicole Thurgood decides to go back to school at BYU-I to continue her education. Why? Because she believes strongly in the value of life-long learning and wants to continue enriching her life with education.

Finding Your Calling in Life - Abram Rice: Student Spotlight

“The moment it changed was when I stopped thinking ‘What do I want to do,’ and I started to think ‘What do I do well that can be a service or a gift to others.’” Abram Rice tells the story of how he found his calling in life and how Interdisciplinary Studies helped him.

IDS Core Skills: Solving Complex Problems

“Interdisciplinarians develop a functional awareness of the many parts involved in complex problems,” said Kevin Brower, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies. “They seek to gain a more complete understanding of the issues and facilitate the integration of ideas from a broad spectrum of experience and expertise.”

IDS Forum: Preparing For Informational Interviews

Sister Wener, BYU-Idaho’s career preparation manager, shares some strategies for preparation including 8 steps to follow for setting up informational interviews as well as an approach to planning the right questions to ask.

IDS Core Skills: Integrating Multiple Perspectives

This article takes an in depth look at the first of four core IDS skills taught to IDS students; Integrate Multiple Perspectives. Learn from members of the IDS council about this skill and it's significance in becoming an interdisciplinarian.