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IDS News & Notes

Finding Your Calling in Life - Abram Rice: Student Spotlight

“The moment it changed was when I stopped thinking ‘What do I want to do,’ and I started to think ‘What do I do well that can be a service or a gift to others.’” Abram Rice tells the story of how he found his calling in life and how Interdisciplinary Studies helped him.

IDS Core Skills: Solving Complex Problems

“Interdisciplinarians develop a functional awareness of the many parts involved in complex problems,” said Kevin Brower, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies. “They seek to gain a more complete understanding of the issues and facilitate the integration of ideas from a broad spectrum of experience and expertise.”

IDS Forum: Preparing For Informational Interviews

Sister Wener, BYU-Idaho’s career preparation manager, shares some strategies for preparation including 8 steps to follow for setting up informational interviews as well as an approach to planning the right questions to ask.

IDS Core Skills: Integrating Multiple Perspectives

This article takes an in depth look at the first of four core IDS skills taught to IDS students; Integrate Multiple Perspectives. Learn from members of the IDS council about this skill and it's significance in becoming an interdisciplinarian.

Project Spotlight: Angela Atkinson

"My favorite part was doing something that was actually going to last," said Angela, "It's nice to have [created] something that [is useful] for others and something that's going to benefit the community."

Society Spotlight with Chloe Booth

In this article we spotlight Chloe Booth as she shares her experience in the Architecture and Construction Management Society.