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IDS News & Notes

Write Your Story: pt. 1 - An IDS Forum with Mark Willis

When his hamstring snapped in the middle of the Olympics, Derek Redmond was remembered throughout Olympic history for this heartfelt story. Now, Mark Willis retells this story to show IDS students how important it is to attach your personal story to the resume you give potential employers.

Terra Hyde: IDS Capstone Project Spotlight

Terra Hyde, an Interdisciplinary Studies student, recounts her experience creating and accomplishing her IDS Capstone Project. Her chosen project is to publish a biligual children's book in English and Mandarin that teaches children about how plants and animals have advance science and medicine.

Tell Your Story: An IDS Forum with Jacob Burdis

An IDS Forum with guest speaker, Jacob Burdis, discussing how interdisciplinary students can learn to tell the story of their IDS degree and acurately represent themselves employers, clients, and the world.

Employers Realize Benefits of Hiring IDS Majors

The Job market can be extremely competitive. That's why it's extremely important to put yourself above the competition by preparing yourelf with an interdisciplinary background.

Welcome to the IDS Majors Course!

The new IDS Majors Course is a canvas course available to all IDS Majors. This course provides information about the IDS Degree, required courses, newsroom articles, frequently asked questions, and much more. If you are an IDS Major, check your list of classes on Canvas today!

IDS Core Skills: Facilitate Productive Collaboration

Interdisciplinary Studies students begin their degree by learning about the Four Core IDS Skills that they will be developing. With the help of BYU-Idaho’s Interdisciplinary Studies council, we will be taking an in-depth look at each of the four skills finishing off the series with the skill, ‘Facilitating Productive Collaboration”.

Being a Lifelong Learner - Nicole Thurgood: Student Spotlight

Despite already having plenty of business experience and a family to take up most of her time, Nicole Thurgood decides to go back to school at BYU-I to continue her education. Why? Because she believes strongly in the value of life-long learning and wants to continue enriching her life with education.