"In what ways can I exemplify mutual respect in my apartment?"

Step 1: Ponder

In preparation for this meeting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • In your own home, how do you exemplify mutual respect within your family?
  • How does the Savior expect you to respect others?

Step 2: Discuss

Select one of the three options below to lead residents in a group discussion. This discussion will help residents understand how developing mutual respect for their roommates can build Zion in their apartments. As you prepare, consider additional questions that will enhance the discussion. Remember to allow residents time to think and participate.

Step 3: Activity

This activity is intended to help residents understand the importance of living mutual respect in practical ways. Break in to small groups and discuss the following quote and questions:

  • "Intolerance seeds contention; tolerance supersedes contention. Tolerance is the key that opens the door to mutual understanding and love." Russell M. Nelson, "Teach Us Tolerance and Love," Ensign, May 1994, 71.
  • How does tolerance help build mutual respect?
  • How can tolerance strengthen your roommate relationships?
  • How can we balance tolerance with what is right?
Picture of roommates charring

Step 4: Invite & Follow Up

Invite students to pray or opportunities where they can express mutual respect in their apartments this semester.

Follow up in person, email, or text on their experiences.

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