"What does it mean to be my brother's keeper?"

Step 1: Ponder

In preparation for this meeting, read Mosiah 18:8-9 and answer all the following question:

  • How can you help residents to bear the burdens of and mourn with their roommates?

Step 2: Discuss

Select one of the options below to lead residents in a group discussion. This discussion will help residents understand what it means to be their brother's keeper. As you prepare, consider additional questions that will enhance the discussion. Remember to allow residents time to think and participate.

Step 3: Activity

Break into small groups and give each group a scenario to discuss. Invite residents to develop practical and detailed solutions. This will help the residents learn how to evaluate a possible situation in which they will need to be their brother's keeper.

  • One of your roommates is consistently having their boyfriend/girlfriend in their bedroom. You have talked about it once, but your roommate insists "it's not a big deal."
  • Your roommate condescendingly confronts you about how often you come home after curfew. You feel angry and embarrasssed but you know they are right. How can you effectively communicate (on both sides) through this situation?
  • You notice a roommate has changed their behavior and has become withdrawn, anxious, and irritable. You are concerned but unsure how to address it.
  • Consider additional scenarios you have seen as a manager. Remember to keep confidentialiy as you share.
Picture of roommates charring

Step 4: Invite & Follow Up

Invite everyone to pray individually to be blessed with increased awareness of when someone in their apartment is in need of help.

Follow up in person, email, or text on their experiences.

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