"How can I show my love for my roommates in practical ways?"

Step 1: Ponder

In preparation for this meeting, take time to read Mosiah 4:15-16 and ponder the following:

  • How can you excel in your role as a manager for your residents?
  • How can you show your love for you residents in practical ways?

Step 2: Discuss

Select one of the options below to lead residents in a group discussion. This discussion will help residents identify how they can learn to love and serve their roommates in practical ways. As you prepare, consider additional questions that will enhance the discussion. Remember to allow residents time to think and participate.

Step 3: Activity

The following activity is intended to help residents get to know each other. Choose one of the following activities.

  • "Get To Know Toss" - Write get-to-know-you questions on a ball or balloon and have the residents toss it around and answer the questions. This can be done as a whole or in smaller groups.
  • "2 Truths & 1 Lie" - In small groups, have each resident take turns sharing two truths and one lie. Then, have the rest of the groups guess which statement was the lie.
  • "Penny For Your Memories" - Collect pennies from different years. Have residents break into groups and give each resident a penny. Invite residents to share a memory from the year on the penny.
Picture of roommates charring

Step 4: Invite & Follow Up

Invite everyone to pray for increased love for God and for their roommates. (You might tailor your invitation specifically to the discussion you have had.)

Follow up in person, email, or text on their experiences.

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