"How can I build Zion in my own apartment?"

Step 1: Ponder

In preparation for this meeting, read and answer the following:

  • The prophet Brigham Young declared, "I have Zion in my view constantly. We are not going to wait for angels, or for Enoch and his company to come and build up Zion, but we are going to build it" ("Building Up and Adornment of Zion By the Saints," Journal of Discourses, Volume 9(56),
    pp. 282-285).
  • How can you help your residents see the benefit of building Zion in their apartments?

Step 2: Discuss

Select one of the three options below to lead residents in a group discussion. This discussion will help residents identify how they can build Zion in their own apartments. As you prepare, consider additional questions that will enhance the discussion. Remember to allow residents time to think and participate.

Step 3: Activity

The following activity is intended to help residents work together using the principles they have discussed to see how they can “build Zion.”

  • Break into small groups and provide each group with the same building materials of your choice (some examples are: basic wooden blocks, marshmallows & toothpicks, etc.). Have them compete in a timed race to see which group can build the tallest structure without it collapsing.
  • At the conclusion of the activity, invite residents to share what they learned.
Picture of roommates charring

Step 4: Invite & Follow Up

Invite everyone to have an apartment council to discuss with their roommates how they want to establish Zion in their own apartments.

Follow up in person, email, or text about what they established.

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