The Department of Political Science encourages active student involvement and sponsors two societies for students to participate in. Students can choose an emphasis of American Government or Foreign Affairs to coordinate their education to their career goals. 

Political Science Majors

A major in Political Science is perfect for students who loves to be actively engaged in the political world. This degree involves the study of government policies, the function of governing institutions, and the interconnections of political parties. Political Science majors can choose to emphasize their studies in Foreign Affairs, American government, Public Policy, or Public Administration.

Political Science Internships

Internships provide students with unique professional exposure that can't be found in the classroom. The experiences gained during an internship will help students make decisions about future careers in the political world.

Political Science Careers

The demand for Political Science graduates is increasing in various professional fields around the world. Many Political Science students continue to study law, earn MBAs, specialize in international business, run political campaigns, teach, or find employment in public administration.