Students gain experience investigating how physical and cultural phenomena have shaped past civilizations and today's world. 

Geography Majors

BYU-Idaho does not offer a Bachelor of Science in Geography, but students do have access to a joint program with BYU-Idaho and the University of Montana. This two-part arrangement allows geography students to study for 2 years at BYU-Idaho and then 2 years at the University of Montana to finish their degree.

Geography Internships

Internships provide students with a unique professional exposure that can't be found in the classroom. The experiences gained during an internship will help students make decisions about future careers in the geographic world.

Geography Careers

Geography applies to many fields of work, especially those related to the Social and Earth Sciences. Geographers have certain research and data collection skills that are essential in the workforce. These careers will help the world understand climate patterns, land formation patterns, and natural occurrences.