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Vehicle Repairs

Automotive Engineering Technology students repair vehicles for students, faculty, and community members.

Project Labs

Problems with batteries, starting (no or slow crank), charging (alternators), and issues with basic electrical accessories: lights, horns, wipers, windows, door locks, air bags, cruise control, etc. (1990 or newer).
Engine Performance
Hard starts or won't stay running, check engine lights, hesitates during acceleration, backfires, idle speed fluctuates, coolant leaks, overheats, or stalls when coming to a stop (1996 or newer).
Steering, Suspension & Brakes
Brakes, wheel bearings, tie rods, tires, shocks & struts, ball joints, loose steering, and wheel alignment (1990 or newer).
Manual Transmissions and Drivetrains
Manual transmission, clutches, 4-wheel drive, CV axles and boots, differentials, grinding noise when shifting, clicking noises from wheels on corners, and vibration under acceleration (1996 or newer).
Emerging Powertrain Technologies
Any symptoms for electric or hybrid vehicles.
Heating and AC (Spring/Fall only)
Inadequate passenger cooling, blower motors not working, evacuation and recharge (1996 or newer).
Engine Overhaul (Winter/Spring only)
Cars needing the engine completely rebuilt or with serious engine problems, engine noises, smoke, etc. ($1000 deposit).
Automatic Transmissions (Fall/Winter only)
Shifting issues, transmission fluid flushes, transmission and trans-axle rebuilds ($500 deposit).

Disclaimer: Vehicle repairs will be completed as an instructional project by BYU-Idaho automotive students. The university and its employees and agents will not be liable for loss or damage to the vehicle. You agree that the vehicle will not be released until fees are paid. A mechanics lien may be assigned to the vehicle to recover those fees. Students may operate the vehicle for purposes of testing and diagnosis at your risk. Automotive students repair vehicles for students, faculty, and community members.

The criteria for repairs at our facility are:

  • The projects are selected based on student needs to fulfill course requirements, and NOT on a first come first serve basis. The technicians will contact you when they are ready to work on your vehicle.
  • We need projects that are related to our classwork. We cannot accept all types of repairs.
  • We need your vehicle for several days, possibly weeks. Once we start work on your car, you cannot take your car until the project is completed.
  • An authorization of at least $100 for cost of repairs is required for all repair requests.
  • After the vehicle is completed the vehicle must be picked up within 24 hours.
  • A deposit of $500 is required for transmission rebuilds and $1000 is required for engine rebuilds.