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Applied Plant Science Student Societies

Join a student society today to expand your knowledge, gain valuable insight, and make friends!
College horticulture class works with high school students to redesign the Clark playground facilities.
Metus Topiaria Gardening Society
We are the Metus Topiaria gardening society. We wanted to have a place were students and members of the community could learn about plant care, serve others, and provide a gardening experience.

We've gone over a bunch of subjects: winter pruning, succulent care, pests, propagation, Lilies, Poinsettias, aquatic plants, diseases, and more.

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Students of Agriculture Mechanic
Ag Tech Society
The BYU-Idaho Ag Tech Society is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting innovation and technology in agriculture.

Join other students and faculty in workshops, events, and industry partnerships, they strive to empower students with knowledge and skills to revolutionize farming practices and address global food challenges.

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Student putting the soil in boxes.
Agronomy Society
The BYU-Idaho Agronomy Society is a student organization focused on advancing the field of agronomy and its application in sustainable crop production. Through networking opportunities, educational programs, and hands-on experiences, the society aims to foster a community of agronomy enthusiasts who are dedicated to improving agricultural practices and maximizing crop yield while minimizing environmental impact.

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