Ricks Horticulture Garden entrance

Thomas E. Ricks Gardens

This 10 acre garden is used by the entire school and surrounding communities. The garden was originally established in 1977 to facilitate outdoor teaching for the Horticulture Department at Ricks College. More recently, it has been completely revised and is now the Thomas E. Ricks Horticulture Demonstration Gardens, a main focal point of the BYU Idaho Campus.

The garden today is a result of collaboration of students, faculty, and professionals. Over the years many other campus departments, wards, clubs and community members have used the gardens for various activities. Often students perform service in planting and maintaining the beautiful beds of flowers, shrubs, and trees. The gardens are open to the public, and have become a popular site for visits to the area from many parts of the world.

Horticulture Student Involvement

The gardens are constantly changing. Each year a new feature is added. Throughout the years, students majoring in Horticulture have designed and constructed most of the major features. Students from advanced design courses are responsible for developing the conceptual design image of the garden feature which is then put together by the landscape construction class. Each year a project either creates a new feature or reconstructs an aging one. During the summer, those plans on paper are transferred into lumber, stone, and plants as the landscape construction class goes to work. Thus, the Horticulture Demonstration Gardens grow, and will continue to expand each year.

Garden Tour