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Supplier Payments

What is a Supplier?

Suppliers are vendors that supply goods or services paid for by the University. Suppliers can be paid for their goods and/or services using a tool called “Supplier Invoice Request” in Workday.

Most individuals hired by the University to provide goods or services for BYU-Idaho are employees. However, those who meet certain requirements may qualify to be classified as a supplier. If your desired supplier is not already listed in Workday, a request will need to be submitted.

Supplier Invoice Request

Supplier Invoice Request (formerly Funds Request) allows you to submit a request for payment to an established off-campus supplier. Learn more about how to submit a Supplier Invoice Request.

Submit a Supplier Invoice Request in Workday

Supplier Request

Supplier Request allows you to request a supplier be added into Workday if your desired supplier is not already listed in the system. Human Resources and Purchasing department will perform an evaluation of each requested supplier. Learn more about how to submit a Supplier Request.

Submit a Supplier Request in Workday

Learn more about the policies and procedures related to Suppliers and Supplier Invoices at BYU-Idaho.