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After Hours Building Access

Late Pass policies for students, faculty, and employees.

Building Access Policy

With respect to the welfare of students and the protection of college facilities and property, the following Building Access Policy has been established by the administration of BYU-Idaho, with the concurrence of the Academic Council:

  1. A late pass issued by Public Safety is required for students to remain in any campus building after regular hours.  (11:30 p.m.)
  2. Authorization for a late pass is made by the appropriate faculty member with confirmation by the division chair.
  3. A late pass entitles a student to remain in a building after regular hours, provided the student is in the building at the time it is secured.  Neither Public Safety nor Custodial personnel will respond to requests to open a building that has already been secured.   The opening of a building at late or unusual hours must be arranged through the faculty member who authorized the late pass.
  4. A late pass is valid only for the individual identified thereon, for the specific buildings(s) and room(s) indicated, and for the period of time indicated on the pass.
  5. Students who do not need access to specific equipment or materials, but desire an area for general study shall be granted access to the building designated for general study and shall not have random access to other campus buildings.
  6. A late pass is issued for legitimate academic purposes only.  Any unauthorized activities will result in the revocation of the pass.
  7. Any alteration or fraudulent use of a late pass will result in disciplinary action.
  8. Students remaining in buildings after regular hours must have a late pass in their possession and must display the pass along with picture identification upon the request of any college faculty member, staff employee, administrator, or security officer.
  9. Students remaining in buildings shall not unlock or prop open exterior doors once they have been locked by security personnel.
  10. Late pass policy entitles a student to remain in a building no later than 1:00 a.m. and to enter a building no earlier than 5:00 a.m.  It is the student's responsibility to vacate a building by the indicated time.
  11. Faculty members may only approve access to buildings and rooms over which they exercise appropriate control or to the designated general study facility.
  12. Persons found in a campus building after regular hours without proper authorization or who violate the conditions of these access regulations shall be subject to institutional discipline and/or criminal prosecution for unlawful entry or trespassing.

Late Pass Request Form