A number of organizations on campus can provide services and support for your academic society.  These include:

  • Scheduling:  Contact the Campus Scheduling Office for use of on-campus facilities at (208) 496-3120.

  • Food Services:  All catered events using the Manwaring Center must order food through BYU-I Food Services at (208) 496-2800.

  • University Relations: Coordinate with this office for advertising policy, rules, and approvals for posters, etc. Societies may advertise across campus when the form of advertising is maximizing the society's name and minimizing the event, speaker, etc. When the speaker is maximized, it takes on the appearance of a campus-wide event; societies are not authorized to sponsor events open to the general student body.

  • Event Services: This office can help with AV equipment. The Scheduling Office will often contact Event Services when an event is scheduled, but contacting their office directly to confirm the details is always a good practice. (208) 496-3150

  • Financial Services
    • Purchasing Card: All purchases need approval by the society's faculty advisor. Department Societies may apply for a purchasing card. The faculty advisor is responsible for all purchases and reconciliation of the card account. For assistance, contact Valerie Gutierrez at (208) 496-1901. 
    • University Financial Account: Individual societies must have a financial account with the university to handle the society's funds. The faculty advisor is the custodian of this account and is responsible for disbursing its funds. Department society accounts are tied to the sponsoring department's accounts and will close out with the other departmental accounts at the end of the calendar year. University Societies' accounts are also managed by the faculty advisor, but any funds remaining at the end of the calendar year are rolled into the general academic society account.

  • Safety Office: If there are safety concerns or issues, contact the Safety Office at (208) 496-3000.

  • Travel and Off-Campus Activities: See the Travel Policy for rules governing off-campus events. If traveling overnight, the Overnight Student Travel form along with a detailed itinerary, must be sent to the Travel Administrator of the Risk Management office. Send documents to Leesa Allen at allenle@byui.edu for approval. Contact Fleet Services at (208) 496-2561 to reserve a campus vehicle. Only individuals with a current BYU-Idaho driving permit may drive university-owned vehicles.