Proposing a New Society

New academic societies can be proposed by completing this application and submitting it to the Academic Leadership Office in Kimball 210, or by emailing it to  If needed, assistance from the Student Representative Council is available to help complete the application.

The application will be reviewed by the Academic Leadership Office, the Student Representative Council, the associate dean from the related college, and ultimately approved or denied by the University Student Success Council.

If approved, the associate dean will work with their dean and the department chair to appoint an advisor.  The college student representative will work with the new officers and advisors to construct and submit bylaws to the Academic Leadership Office to become officially recognized on the BYU-Idaho Academic Societies website.


Qualifications of University and Department Societies

All  societies, new or continuing, must meet the following conditions to be considered for annual recognition:

  1. Academic purpose. The student academic society exists to enhance student learning and professional growth. It should provide opportunities for students to better prepare themselves academically and professionally. It does not exist to sponsor a series of recreational, community service, or well-being types of activities. The stated purposes and goals of the student academic society must clearly reflect this in the current society's bylaws. 

  2. Submission of the Society Leadership and Website Update Form. In order to keep track of current society leaderships and information, a student leader (or the advisor) must complete the  Society Leadership and Website Update Form each semester. Failure to do so will result in a society losing its recognition.

  3. Current set of bylaws. The society must provide a current set of bylaws anually. These statutes will provide the necessary information and purpose of each society. The bylaws should include the following information: (1) the official name; (2) academic purposes and goals; (3) student officer positions and duties; (4) elections and voting procedures; (5) financial rules and policies; (6) meetings; (7) membership criteria; and (8) any other governing rules, procedures, and policies that may apply.  Societies that are local chapters of a national organization should submit documentation from the national organization that describes the operation of the local unit.
  4. Ten (10) members who are currently enrolled online or campus students. The membership list should include the name of at least ten students who are willing to become members of the society.  In addition to the bylaws, a list of 10 members, either online or on campus, must be submitted annually (with the bylaws) in order to demonstrate sufficient participation.
  5. Active faculty advisor. Academic societies must have adequate faculty support.  The advisor is usually a full-time BYU-Idaho faculty member. Exceptions for an adjunct faculty (or a full-time administrative employee) to serve as the advisor must be approved by the respective college's dean.  The faculty advisor is expected, at minimum, to meet with student leaders at least once a semester, periodically attend activities, and coordinate with the department chair and associate dean regarding the society's activities.  Overnight student travel policy requires the advisor to accompany students. Exceptions allowing supervision and accompaniment by adjunct faculty or full-time employees must be properly authorized by the associate dean.  For more information see the Student Travel Policy.

Privileges of a Recognized Student Academic Society

Being recognized has a number of benefits. A recognized student academic society has:

  • an assigned BYU-Idaho faculty advisor,
  • financial support (either through an academic department or the Academic Leadership Office) and the option of charging dues,
  • a financial account through the BYU-Idaho Accounting Office (Societies may not set up a private off-campus account.),
  • scheduling privileges for university facilities and services through the Scheduling Office
  • visibility with general information posted on the BYU-Idaho Academic Societies website,  
  • permission to have approved speakers address students at society meetings (see Guest Speaker Approval Request form),
  • authorization to advertise the society on campus in accordance with the University Relation's Policy (Speakers, however, may only be advertised within the society.)