Every BYU-Idaho activity must be consistent with the standards of members from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which means all activities shall be safe, properly advised to assure wholesome activities for students, and ensure that the name of BYU-Idaho is not associated with any activity that would be damaging to its reputation.

It is imperative the following rules be observed for each activity:

  • Student academic societies need approval for guest speakers.  Before contacting a speaker, complete the online Guest Speaker Request Form. This form explains the policies and guides you through the approval process.

  • A society faculty advisor must be present at any off-campus activity or function. As required by university policy, overnight student travel requires full-time faculty to supervise travel plans and to accompany the students.  Exceptions allowing supervision and accompaniment by a part-time faculty member or university employee must be properly authorized.  For more information regarding supervision visit http://www.byui.edu/financial-services/supervision

  • Societies are authorized to sponsor activities only for their members.  Events open to the larger student body should be sponsored by the Activities Program (or other university entities).

  • College vehicles are used for travel, if available. If students need to use private transportation, each student must sign and submit an Assumption of Risk / Indemnification Agreement Form to their respective faculty advisor prior to travel.  These forms should be kept on file by the sponsoring department for three years. All travel policies must be observed (see University Student Policies). 

  • If approved by the advisor (and the activity involves minimal risk), non-students may occasionally be included in an on-campus academic society activity.

After all activities, make sure that facilities used are clean and tidy, equipment is returned, and the facility is secured as required. Remember to write a thank-you letter to guest speakers and other volunteers who contributed to the success of your event.