Academic Society Policies

Participation in academic societies is open to all BYU-Idaho students.  Non-students are not eligible to join.  While dues may be assessed, no other pre-requisites for membership may be required.  This open policy permits students from freshmen to seniors (at varoius levels of expertise) the opportunity to explore and network in various fields and professions. 

Additionally, participation in academic societies is voluntary and involvement cannot be required for a course or program.  Faculty may give credit for co-curricular activities provided by academic societies, but it should not be a substantial part of a course grade. Faculty must provide alternative options for students who choose not to participate in a society.

Recognized societies are required to abide by the applicable local, state, and federal laws and all applicable institutional policies and procedures, including, and especially, the Honor Code.  Violation of laws or institiutional policies and procedures, including the Honor Code, will result in suspension and revocation of recognition.

The list below provides information to specific academic society policies. For a broader list of university student policies, see University Student Policies