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  • Scott Sprenger

    Weber State Dean Invites BYU-Idaho Students To Consider Life Beyond Their Majors

    "Just back off on the pressure a little bit, follow something that you enjoy, maybe even discover a passion. Don't worry so much about the major."

  • A fish inspects an underwater plant

    Locals Bring Aquarium Experience To Southeast Idaho

    "When I would clean tanks, that you could tell that kids just loved them," Aaron Farris, CEO of the East Idaho Aquarium told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Their fingerprints were all over them or you could see where they had just smooshed their face onto the tank and I was also wiping their little stains off the front of the glass...and that's what I realized this area just needs something more. There's so many kids that would enjoy something like this, like a big aquarium."

  • The Straw Maze Logo

    Haunted Straw Maze Puts Customers To The Ultimate Halloween Test

    "[My favorite part is] the people," Hayley Kane, Social Media, Marketing and Advertising Manager for The Straw Maze told BYU-Idaho Radio. "Just seeing people's reactions as you go through the straw maze, getting scared, laughing, having fun, seeing people at their worst and their best."

  • Brother M. Joseph Brough

    Brother M. Joseph Brough Invites Others to View Repentance Positively, Obey Exactly

    "I am sure that I do not completely understand what exact obedience means, but here is what I have come to understand," Brough said during his devotional. "It is not perfect obedience; that is impossible. Hence, repentance must be a key part of exact obedience."

  • Meridian Idaho Temple

    Public Gets First Glimpse Inside Meridian Idaho Temple

    "Everything in this life ultimately leads to the ordinances of the temple, it is the ultimate goal of every else we do," Elder Cook said. "The ordinances of the temple are where everything leads to. Nothing could be more important and now we've got them almost all over the world, what a wonderful thing."

  • "We Scare For D.A.R.E"

    Dr. Slaughters in Idaho Falls promises a frightening experience while donating to a good cause.

  • Lt. Poulter Graduates from the FBI Academy in Virginia (Photo Courtesy: The City of Idaho Falls)

    Idaho Falls Police Officer Graduates from FBI Academy

    Lieutenant Steven Poulter is one of 18 officers from Idaho Falls to attend the academy since 1952 and waited six years for the opportunity to attend.

  • "The Spot" Logo

    BYU-Idaho Radio Introduces New Podcast: "The Spot"

    This first episode puts the latest Star Wars trailer for The Last Jedi under a microscope as Sydney, Dale and Myles toss around theories, discuss a potential new form of Jedi and ask for listeners input on the latest installment in a galaxy, far, far away.

  • The Carolina Reaper

    Rexburg Locals Put Their Taste Buds To The Test With World's Hottest Pepper

    "We're just a bunch of people who like spicy foods, especially...the taste and burn of spicy peppers," Fred Eaton, founder of the Carolina Reaper Eating, told BYU-Idaho Radio.

  • Theater of Lost Souls

    The Theatre of Lost Souls in Shelly is known for their high caliber scare factor.