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Cody Miller

Current Events Reporter/Representative
BYU-Idaho Radio

I’m Cody Miller, a reporter for BYU-Idaho Radio. I’m a young man who’s studying Communication with News/Journalism as my emphasis. It’s hard but well worth it. I’m the second of 4 children as well as the eldest of my triplet set of siblings. I’m also Autistic and proud to be different. I help advocate for mental health and focus on helping people get the stories right from the outset.

I write and cover stories that are based on current events that impact the BYU-Idaho campus and every student. I want to make people aware of the fun events on campus and encourage friendships and relationships by doing so. I’m a friendly guy so if you see me out in the wild or in class or in the radio station, come and say, “Hi.”

I aim to be the next Walter Cronkite and to help the news be trusted again. I fight for your right to have the good and right news to be in your possession. You deserve that much.