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  • The Carolina Reaper

    Rexburg Locals Put Their Taste Buds To The Test With World's Hottest Pepper

    "We're just a bunch of people who like spicy foods, especially...the taste and burn of spicy peppers," Fred Eaton, founder of the Carolina Reaper Eating, told BYU-Idaho Radio.

  • Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson

    New Idaho Falls Police Chief Talks First Impressions of Southeast Idaho

    "We have a really great bunch of people at the Idaho Falls Police Department. They're really good people at every level. They work hard, they want to do well, they've done well. So, I'm very encouraged by the caliber of people here, they're outstanding."

  • Patrick Powell

    Brother Patrick Powell Teaches Fundamental Truths About God and Trials

    "I want people to trust the Lord. From my experience, I found out that Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ are good people and the things that a lot of the world says about them and the prophets and apostles are unkind and untrue...difficult things happen, but that doesn't mean God doesn't love you."

  • BYU-Idaho 2017 Career Fair Logo

    BYU-Idaho Hosts Career Fair

    "Career fair is a great way for students to get some experience interacting with professionals," Gierke said. "For freshmen and sophomores, it's a great way to prepare and for others to find internships and jobs that they're going to be able to get right out of college."

  • Startup Weekend Logo

    Rexburg Startup Weekend Competition Puts Innovation To the Test

    "Startup Weekend really is helping people take their ideas and learn how to take that idea and actually do something with it, create a product or a service or whatever that might be," Scott Johnson, the Director of Economic Development in Rexburg, old BYU-Idaho Radio.

  • The Root Beer Store Logo

    Rexburg Mayor To Host Family Friendly "Ocktuber-fest"

    The international Oktoberfest is well-known for it's "beer and bratwurst tradition," but the Mayor of Rexburg is gearing up for a family-friendly version of the event, packed to the brim with root beer and french fries.

  • Theater Masks

    Idaho Falls Arts Council Hosts Theater Program for Kids

    "We think it is an opportunity to provide a forum for them to discover and to share stories and emotions...At this age, when kids are completely uninhibited because no one has told them they can't, this is a time that they can truly discover another form of expression in a really positive and beneficial way."

  • Melanie Walker

    Sister Melanie Walker Expresses Hope During Fires of Affliction

    "If my advice could go out to anyone it's, stay close to your Father in Heaven, make your stumbling blocks your stepping stones because they very much can be made into that. Your trials are sanctified to your good and will help strengthen you for future events or future ways that Heavenly Father might want to use you."

  • Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

    Idaho Falls Arts Council Brings London Theater to Southeast Idaho

    "It's not a movie, it is a recorded version of the play that we can show here in the states so that our patrons can have the experience of being there...you're in the stage environment, these are housed over in our ARTitorium on Broadway, there's a small theater up there, so you get to still have the comforts of a squishy chair and a cupholder, you get to have live theater without the expense of travel."

  • Volunteering Organization Speeds Up Natural Disaster Clean-Up

    "I didn't have an "ah-ha moment," I had an "uh-oh moment," Titus said. "It would take an hour and a half to get checked in...and the technologist in me knew that with a little bit of technology, I could get checked-in in 30 seconds instead of three hours."