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TED talk by Dr. Matthew Whoolery "How to Be Unhappy."  Watch at:
Matthew Whoolery, a member of the Psychology faculty and a Fullbright Scholar recently gave a TED Talk in New Delhi, India. In September 2014, Dr. Whoolery was invited to return to Delhi to give a TED talk at Lady Shri Ram College at the University of Delhi.   When you are drowned in unhappiness most of the time, it can be a little tough to wake up to the shiny concept of joy. He is here to tell you how to be great at, what you're already good at. Watch him talk about "How to be Unhappy". 

Love psychology? Love studying health? Health Psychology will be a great fit for you! 
Check out this link for more information:   Emphasis in Health Psychology

Two new internships for I/O Emphasis Students!  See Internship tab for more information.   

Graduation Requirement: ETS Major Field Test  
Beginning Fall 2012 Semester, graduating seniors are required to take the ETS Major Field Test in order to graduate.  This needs to be taken your last semester at BYU-Idaho.  This requirement will show up on your graduation plan. The Psychology Department will pay for this test. The test will not affect your graduation. If you are not on campus the semester you are graduating, you will be excused from the test.

The test will be available to take at the testing center and you will be notified of the opening and closing test dates.  You will need to pick up your pass code and instructions from the Psychology Department office before going to the testing center.  The test will take 2 hours.  

Mission Statement
The purpose of the BYU-Idaho Psychology program is to use the study of behavior, mental states and processes to provide students with an opportunity to evaluate and modify their own behavior and goals in the light of LDS standards and  psychological principles.  The courses are designed to ensure that students develop a foundation for further psychology inquiry, enhance their understanding of the relationship of psychology to other disciplines, and provide means by which the principles of psychology can be used to improve life and give more meaningful service to others.

Where Will a Career in Psychology Take You?
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