Physical Sciences and Engineering

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Brigham Young University–Idaho
525 South Center St.
60 Romney
Rexburg, ID 83460 - 0505

Phone: (208) 496-7501
Fax: (208) 496-7503
Office Hours: 9am - 5pm MTWTF






Greg Roach, Dean
Potrait photo of Greg Roach the Dean of the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
ROM 62
Mark Lovell, Associate Dean
An Associate Dean, Mark Lovell's portrait.
(208) 496-7680
ROM 289
Susan Ward, Associate Dean
Susan Ward, an Associate Dean.
(208) 496-7554
ROM 248
Garth Miller, Associate Dean
Portrait of Garth Miller, an associate Dean.
(208) 496-7642
AUS 159J
Jeanette Belnap, College Office Assistant
Potrait of Jeanette Belnap, Office Assistant.
(208) 496-7501
ROM 60
Jay Haslam, Mechanical Lab Technician
Portrait of Jay Haslam, the Mechanical Lab Technician.
(208) 496-7512
AUS 171A
Chemistry Department Chair
  Les Manner
Portrait of Les Manner, Chemistry Department chair
ROM 289
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Department Chair
  Richard Grimmett
Portrait of Richard Grimmet, the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department Chair
(208) 496-7686
AUS 216E
Design & Construction Management Department Chair
  Mike Sessions
Portrait of Mike Sessions, Design and Construction Management Department Chair
(208) 496-7575
AUS 216H 
Geology Department Chair
  Julie Willis
Portrait of Julie Willis, Geology Department Chair
(208) 496-7681
ROM 148
Mathematics Department Chair
  Jackie Nygaard
Jackie Nygaard, Mathematics Department Chair
(208) 496-7540
RKS 232D
Mechanical Engineering Department Chair
  Alan Dutson
Portrait of Alan Dutson, Mechanical Engineering Depatment Chair
(208) 496-7640
AUS 106C
Physics Department Chair
  Steve McNeil
Portrait of Steve McNeil, Physics Department Chair
(208) 496-7735
ROM 118A
Advising Coordinator
  Karla Groom
Portrait of Karla Groom, the Advising Coordinator for the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
(208) 496-9885
CHAP 103
Advising Advisor
  Michael Cornick
Portrait of Michael Cornick, the Advising Advisor
(208) 496-9884
CHAP 103