They are not experts on teaching, nor do they evaluate any aspect of your teaching. We have students trained to help you gather data on your classroom activities. They can, however, give feedback from a student perspective or help you gain insight into aspects of your course by collecting data for you. You can, of course, direct the SCOT (Student Consult on Teaching) on what type of feedback would be most useful to you.

No one else is in this loop -- just you and the student consultant. The entire process is instructor defined and driven.

Here’s How it Works

The SCOTs have been trained to play one of several roles, according to your desires, each of which is descriptive rather than evaluative.


They sit in on your class and take notes about the process. They then provide you with a written report of what went on during the class, how much time was spent in various activities, who participated, what kinds and how many questions were asked, etc.


The student consultant takes notes as if he or she were a student in the class and then gives these notes to you.


The student unobtrusively films the class, creating a DVD for you to review. You may invite the student to view and discuss the video with you or you may simply review it yourself.


You leave the room for the last 15 minutes of a class while the SCOT interviews and surveys the students about their learning and their perceptions of the course. The student consultant then provides you with a written report of their findings.


The SCOT organizes a group of your students outside of class to participate in a more in-depth interview/survey. The SCOT then generates a written report and meets with you to discuss his or her findings.


The student consultant meets with you before a class for pointers on what you want them to watch for when they sit in on the class. For example: Why aren't more students participating in the discussion? Or how effective are my follow up questions?


The student consultants can connect you with the right resources to help with your I-Learn questions, from simple how-to’s to complete site revamps.


You are welcome to request a SCOT for any activity that you feel will help you better understand the dynamics in your classroom or around your teaching.

The following three-minute video shows some BYU-Idaho faculty talking about their experience with the SCOT program.