Faculty Development Resource Application (FDRA)

Use this SharePoint link to apply for a Faculty Learning Fellowship and/or Professional Development Leave. You may also use this form for applying for Thomas E. Ricks, Mentored Student Research, and Academic Society travel funds. 

Please note: To report the outcomes of this leave or activity, return to your initial application. Choose the "Reporting" tab on your online application and enter the content or attach a document.

(updated 9/19/2019)

Faculty Development Plan and Annual Stewardship Interview

Download this Guide when creating your annual plan and preparing for your annual stewardship review.

The following video presentations will guide you through the process of uploading your annual plan and entering or editing your Conflict of Interest in Workday.

(updated on 10/02/2019)

The Continuing Faculty Status Process

The purpose of the CFS process is to orient and acclimatize new faculty at BYU-Idaho – to give them access to rich resources during the early years of their career here and to establish a pattern of ongoing development as progressive teachers and mentors.

Access the CFS Process program description and materials on this page.

(updated on 9/19/19)

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Studies

All studies conducted with human subjects by the BYU-Idaho campus must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Faculty and students are strongly encouraged to receive training by CITI Training.

Download the instructions for registering with CITI Training.

Use this link to register for and access CITI training.

(updated on 03/17/20)