Software/Hardware requirements


As a CIT student, you have access to large amounts of software from Microsoft available for you to use while you are a student in a CIT course. If you are not enrolled in a CIT course you will not have access to the software during that semester. Almost all of the software you use in your classes will be available for you to download and use.

Microsoft offers students a lot of software for free - excluding Microsoft Office. This includes various Windows operating systems. If you are currently in a CIT class, go here and enter your BYUI email address and password. If that doesn't work, use their "I've forgotten my password" function. If you then need additional help, please contact the department secretary at or  208-496-3621 or in SMI 231.


Laptop computer with an i5 or greater Intel Processor, 8 GB of real memory, 500 GB hard drive, supporting full 64-bit computing and hyper-threading. It is suggested you purchase as much RAM as you can afford.  (For reference, some expensive 64-bit laptops designed for gaming don't support full 64-bit operations, like hyper-threading, because they're optimized for 32-bit gaming).

Examples of compliant laptops are:

Asus X550LA,

Apple Mac Book Pro