Looking for a little extra cash or gas money?

This page contains odd jobs and tasks listed by local community members. You'll find personal service needs like painting a house, helping someone move, raking leaves and yard work, etc.These are jobs for which someone would like to hire a student for only a few hours or a few days .

For career and "regular" employment postings, internships, etc. Please be sure to visit Career Navigator.

BYU-Idaho strives to ensure all postings are legitimate, but advises you to use caution and common sense when applying for any position. Beware of scammers and postings that request wire transfers or provide large amounts of money for little work. Also beware of jobs that require you to remove money from personal financial accounts. Do not trust job postings in which someone sends you a check and has you cash it for them. Thoroughly research any company or individual that is asking you to handle money without training, experience or official documentation. 

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