A close up photo of red apple growing in the BYUI orchardsPhoto of the apple shed in spring, some of the trees still have light pink blossoms in the backgroundPhoto of the apple orchard in August with apples growing on every tree

Apple Orchard Museum

We have over 150 different varieties of fruit trees in our Orchard. Some are good for canning, some are good for drying, and some are great for eating straight off the tree. We hope you can find a tasty favorite in our Orchard!

"You Pick"

Come to the Orchard to pick your own fresh apples August through October! The Orchard is located behind the Ricks Building, open Monday through Friday from 9:00am-6:00pm. Weigh and pay at the Apple Shed, located at the North Western corner of the Orchard. Apples are $0.50 per pound.

Annual Apple Blossom Festival 

Every spring when the blossoms start to bloom, our department invites students and residents to the Annual Apple Blossom Festival. We invite all to enjoy a picnic and activities in the Orchard. Some activities from the past included bobbing for apples, creating leaf prints on paper, and scavenger hunts. Everyone enjoyed the warm weather, the tasty popcorn, and cotton candy!

For more information go to byuihorticultureresearch.weebly.com