Quick Guide to BYU-I

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Late Stage

Academic Discovery Center—Main Office

129 Manwaring Center | (208) 496-9800 | academicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu
For Online Students studying Interdisciplinary Studies and University Studies: (208) 496-9800 | onlineadvising@byui.edu

Career Exploration, Foundations, General Advising, Interdisciplinary Studies, Internship Processing & Registration, General Studies, University Studies, Special Needs Advising

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

238 Benson | (208) 496-9830 | CALSacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu
For online students studying the following: Health Science, Public Health Emphasis; Healthcare Administration; Nursing RN to BSN contact (208) 496-9847 or calsonline@byui.edu

Departments:  Plant & Animal Sciences, Biology, Health, Recreation and Human Performance, Horticulture, Nursing, Agribusiness (emphases: Agronomy, Ag Technology, Animal Science, Ag Science, Ag Systems); also includes Health Professions (Pre-med, Pre-dental, etc)

College of Business and Communication

227 Smith | (208) 496-9840 | CBCacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu
For online students studying the following: Applied Management; Business Management, Entrepreneurial Management; Web Design & Development, Design or Development Emphasis; B.S. Computer Information Technology call (208) 496-9900 or email CBConline@byui.edu

Departments:  Accounting, Business Management, Communication, Computer Information Technology, Economics, Web Design & Development, Agribusiness (emphases: Agribusiness, Agribusiness Management, Global Food, students with no required emphasis)

College of Education and Human Development

309 Hinckley | (208) 496-9850 | CEHDacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu

Departments: Home and Family; Psychology; Religious Education; Sociology and Social Work; Teacher Education (Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Early Childhood/Special Education)

College of Language and Letters

269 Smith | (208) 496-9860 | CLLacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu

Departments: English; Languages and International Studies; History/Geography/Political Science; Humanities & Philosophy

College of Performing and Visual Arts

376 MC | (208) 496-9870 | CPVAacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu

Departments: Art; Music; Theatre and Dance

College of Physical Sciences and Engineering

106 Austin | (208) 496-9880 | CPSEacademicdiscoverycenter@byui.edu

Departments: Design and Construction Management; Chemistry; Computer Science and Electrical Engineering; Geology; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Physics; also includes Automotive Technology Program, Interior Design


Office hours are 8-5pm Mon-Fri. (We are closed from 2-3pm on Tuesdays for devotional.)