Academic Societies

BYU-Idaho sponsors several academic societies on campus. Student academic societies exist to:

  • Extend and enhance the learning experience;

  • Improve professional opportunities;

  • Provide a forum for dialogue and interaction among faculty, students, and professionals;

  • Provide leadership opportunities;

  • Create bonds of friendship among students with similar professional or academic interest. 

It is recommended that student academic societies affiliate with some national or regional professional society associated with the discipline. In many cases, these national or regional professional societies will have a mechanism for the organization and governance of student chapters. For example, a student academic society of Psychology majors could affiliate with the American Psychological Association.
Join an academic society

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Form an academic society

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Academic Society Leadership

If you're a faculty advisor or student officer in a society, this is the place for you.


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*Student academic societies are not primarily organized for recreational activities, parties, community service, or student support and well being. These may be an incidental part of what a student academic society might do, but not their primary focus. Student organizations whose primary purpose is recreational, social, or community service should be organized under the auspices of the BYU-Idaho Activities Program. Student organizations whose primary purpose is student well-being and support should be organized under the auspices of the BYU-Idaho Dean of Students.