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Teach Online

Teach Online FAQs

Instructor Expectations

All OLL Services LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of BYU-Idaho) employees commit to uphold the CES Honor Code in their roles as institutional representatives, leaders, and mentors.

Employees teach students through example and counsel how to make choices that exemplify these principles and expectations, while recognizing that the roles of employees and students are distinct from each other, and their choices will reflect these differences. Employees have a higher standard for dress and grooming.

When choosing attire, employees make decisions appropriate for their professional role, responsibilities, purpose, and setting.

CES Dress and Grooming Expectations
  1. Dress for men and women should:
    1. Be modest in fit and style. Dressing in a way that would cover the temple garment is a good guideline, whether or not one has been endowed. Accommodation may be made for athletic participation.
    2. Be neat and clean. Sloppy, overly casual, ragged, or extreme clothing is not acceptable.
  2. Grooming
    1. Hair should be clean, neat, modest, and avoid extremes in styles and colors.
    2. Men's hair should be neatly trimmed. Men should be clean shaven. If worn, mustaches should be neatly trimmed.
This is a salaried, part-time position and actual time spent varies according to course, course version, and student seat cap. Instructors should plan to be present in their course 5 days each week (Monday through Saturday).
There are no set times for instructors to log into their class, though some courses may require instructors to hold an office hour each week. From time to time, there are online meetings. These are often recorded for later viewing.
Instructors serve students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds including BYU Pathway students who may have developing language skills. Applicants are considered for all course vacancies taught through BYU-Idaho, Ensign College, and BYU Pathway Worldwide.
Candidates must apply for each posting separately. Personal, academic, and professional details will be auto populated (and can be edited) for each successive application. It is strongly encouraged that resumes and supplemental questions be tailored to each specific position. Content experts look for applicants whose backgrounds most closely match the posting criteria. Performance in the Candidate Assessment Course is also a determining factor when hiring decisions are made. Hiring is dependent upon instructor vacancies and student demand, and some time may pass until an opening arises. Applying for multiple courses for which you are qualified will provide more opportunities for selection.
Part-time employees of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including BYU graduate work, may not be employed in a part-time capacity for two Church entities simultaneously. As a result, while part-time Church employees are welcome to apply, they are not eligible for hire unless they end existing part-time Church employment. Ending alternate part-time Church employment would not need to occur until an employment offer has been extended.

Those who retire from Church-affiliated employment are not eligible to teach online. Church-affiliated retirees are eligible for a medical benefit (Deseret Alliance) upon their retirement. Resuming additional Church-affiliated employment of any kind after enrolling in Deseret Alliance will negate this retiree-only health plan, and BYU-Idaho is not able to provide part-time instructors with another type of medical benefit.


Most applicants meet minimum qualifications; however, we are only able to select a few final candidates for each highly competitive position. We process hundreds of applications and it is not uncommon to receive requests from applicants for individual feedback. We do not provide feedback concerning non-selection or guidance to individual applicants.

Online instructors must be physically residing in the state where the work is being performed. Employees may not maintain a residence in an approved state and live elsewhere. Instructors who do not adhere to this requirement are not eligible to continue teaching.
Most online courses require an advanced degree. Degree requirements are listed in each individual posting. The application website allows candidates to search for those open postings where a bachelor’s degree is accepted. We are not able to hire those without a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
Although candidates may apply at any time, we encourage application submission after advanced degrees have been awarded. Applicants who have more than 3 months remaining of their graduate work will not be considered and will need to apply when their education is complete.
Postings are managed as interest lists and may be opened or closed at any time. Timing is dependent on anticipated hiring needs for the course in the coming semesters as well as the number of qualified applicants who have previously applied. Interest list postings do not have set hire or close dates as this allows for increased flexibility in meeting hiring demands. Candidates may sign up for Job Alerts to be notified via email when interest lists are accepting applications.
  • Go to Create/Login to your account.
  • Select Job Alerts on the left-hand side.
  • Check the category boxes for which you have interest.
  • Select Subscribe.
For those interested in being contacted when a closed posting has been reopened. Applicants need only complete this questionnaire one time for all courses/subject areas for which they are interested in being contacted.
Official electronic transcripts are encrypted for security. Print your transcript, scan it as a new pdf file, and then attach the newly created file. If you have done this and it still does not work, an additional problem may be the size of the new file. The size limit of file attachments for an application is 9 MB. Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for the application.
Interest list postings do not have open and close dates and are not used to fill immediate hiring needs. Interest lists are used to build pools of well-qualified candidates for anticipated vacancies. Therefore, postings remain open until a sufficient number of applicants have been identified. Candidates are vetted on an ongoing basis and may be removed from the selection process even though the posting remains open.

After You are Hired

Online instructors are adjunct employees and are contracted as needed on a semester-by-semester basis.
Instructors may opt out of teaching. If this requires an additional hire to cover their assigned section, it may mean a delay in returning to teach until the next vacancy occurs. Resuming online teaching is also dependent on prior positive instructor performance and a renewed administrative review.