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2005 Inauguration Address by E. Rolfe Kerr

Inauguration of President Kim B. Clark

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It is an honor for me to extend my own greetings and commendation to President Kim B. Clark and his wonderful wife, Sue. Much has been made of their coming to BYU-Idaho from Harvard. Many have wondered why; many others know why. In the minds of President and Sister Clark there has been no question. They have a faith and a spiritual sensitivity which have directed their lives through the years, and this is no exception. From the time this opportunity arose, the Spirit was guiding them. When the phone call came they were prepared.

President Clark is uniquely qualified to lead this institution. He has quickly become aware of the unique educational mission and model of the university. It has been a perfect fit for his entrepreneurial interests and creative spirit. We who knew something of him and of his abilities knew it would be. The future of BYU-Idaho is bright, and uniquely so, under the capable leadership of President and Sister Clark.

In President Clark’s first address to the faculty and staff, he captured what may be the essence of leadership. He said, paraphrased in part, “There are no unimportant positions and no unimportant people in this institution. Every person and every position will contribute to what ultimately happens to the student in the classroom.”

It now becomes President Clark’s role to facilitate the success of each of his BYU-Idaho colleagues in making their individual contributions to every student who enrolls in this university. I pledge my own support in this most worthy effort. I welcome you, President and Sister Clark, to this very special university and to the exciting times which lie ahead for you and for the entire university community. I pray for Heaven’s blessings to be upon you, upon this institution, and upon all who serve and will be served here.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.