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Inaugural Welcome to President Alvin F. Meredith III

Inauguration of President Alvin F. Meredith III

Audio of "Inauguration Welcome from the Student Leadership Council"
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On February 7, 2023, students at Brigham Young University-Idaho gathered for their weekly Tuesday devotional to hear from, at the time, a visiting general authority, Elder Alvin F. Meredith lll. Following the devotional, many comments were shared from students about “Receiving Revelation for Life Decisions.”[1] This devotional left a profound impact on many throughout campus.

Not long after, on May 16, 2023, Elder Meredith returned to Rexburg and was appointed as the university’s 18th president. He was no stranger to us, and he is no stranger now. God had been preparing each one of us to welcome President and Sister Meredith. With great excitement and anticipation, we all waited for their arrival this fall semester.

President and Sister Meredith, your experiences here will be life changing. You have already changed so many of ours. We have felt your love and have been inspired by your desire to lead as Christ led.

Here at BYU-Idaho, we love with all our hearts. We serve with all our might, we study with all our minds, and we’re strengthened through Christ. We look forward to these upcoming semesters as we accept the invitation given by President Meredith in his most recent devotional address to follow the Honor Code to help us “build spiritual muscles, to be covenant keepers, act in integrity, and walk by faith.”[2]

On behalf of the student body here at Brigham Young University-Idaho, it is my honor and privilege to extend a warm welcome to President and Sister Meredith. Welcome to our campus, where we strive to become disciples of Jesus Christ in our homes, the Church, and our community. We welcome you, we love you, and we are excited to walk with you!


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