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Inaugural Welcome to President Henry J. Eyring

Inauguration of President Henry J. Eyring

President and Sister Eyring, on behalf of the student body, I am honored to welcome you as the 17th President of Brigham Young University-Idaho. This university has been blessed to have had you as a part of the administration for the past 11 years.

We understand that you have been prepared for many years to become the president of BYU-Idaho. This preparation has taken place in your home as a young boy; in school, as a student and fellow disciple-leader; as a priesthood holder fulfilling your duties and responsibilities; and as a son of our Heavenly Father, obeying His commandments and becoming the man you are today.

As the patriarch of this university, we trust in your capacity to guide us and this university that we may fulfill prophecy and become like our Savior Jesus Christ.

The prophet Lehi was trusted to bring his family into the promised land and out of Jerusalem during tumultuous and sinful times. Similarly today, the Lord has trusted you to guide us during our time as students at BYU-Idaho.

We are excited for the future and the possibilities it will bring. We understand that these possibilities may bring about challenges and trials. We also understand that it is through these challenges and trials that faith is built and testimonies are established as we follow prophets and are guided by the Spirit.

We are grateful for you and your prayers on our behalf. We feel your love and the goodness of your heart. President Eyring, we love you and support you, your wife, and your family. We anticipate your impact will be felt for many generations to come. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.