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Inaugural Welcome to President Kim B. Clark

Inauguration of President Kim B. Clark

Joe Marsden, Ricks College Alumni Council Member
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On behalf of the Ricks College/BYU-Idaho Alumni Association and the 120,000 Alumni that I represent, I would like to welcome Dr. Kim B. Clark as the new president of Brigham Young University Idaho.

As the Alumni of this university, we are pleased and grateful to have you here. You have been introduced to the “Spirit of Ricks”. Through the years students have sensed a unique and special feeling as they arrive on this campus. Those feelings and experiences have touched them spiritually.

The “Spirit of Ricks” is expressed in the faces of the students through weekly devotionals and the lives of the faculty, staff, and administration.

We know you will contribute to the quality of these experiences which will make the lives of the students better, as they learn to serve each other and gain an education

Welcome President Clark, to Brigham Young University Idaho.