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Inaugural Welcome to President Clark G. Gilbert

Inauguration of President Clark G. Gilbert

Sister Gwynne C. Noel.png

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. On behalf of the student body, I am honored to welcome President Gilbert to Brigham Young University-Idaho. This university has been blessed over the years to have many great and inspired leaders.

Students have been coming to Rexburg for generations to be edified and educated. As a result of the emphasis placed on helping each student become a disciple-leader, we have been and continue to become lifelong learners and teachers, and in turn become legendary as prophesied by President Eyring in his address entitled A Steady Upward Course.[1]

Sister Gilbert already has that vision of legendary students. As she stated so powerfully in the spring, “It is not the greatness of the man or woman, but their willingness to rise to the call that leads to power in the Lord. When we look up and truly understand the call the Lord is extending and let go of our self-focus, the Lord will empower us and make us mighty in His hands.”[2]

President Gilbert, it is easy to see that you truly love your family, and it is undeniable that you also love the Lord and are willing to rise to the call He has entrusted to you. Through your faith the Lord has empowered you, and with your continued diligence you will most certainly be mighty in His hands.

We are very grateful for your example and dedication, and are confident the Lord has brought you to BYU-Idaho at this time for a specific purpose. Here you will bless the lives of the students, faculty, and employees in a unique way.

We are grateful for your willingness to lead. We love you and Sister Gilbert and are ready and willing to follow as the Lord continues to guide this university through you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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