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2005 Inauguration Address by Dirk Kempthorne

Inauguration of President Kim B. Clark

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President Hinckley, distinguished guests, President Clark and Sister Clark and your beautiful family, welcome to Idaho. And President Hinckley, thank you for the invitation to participate in this very historic occasion. On behalf of the people of the great state of Idaho, I wish to thank you, to thank the Church, the Board of Trustees, all of the faculty and staff and some of the finest students in the world who have made BYU-Idaho one of the true gems of the Gem State.

President Clark, you and your family will now call one of the most beautiful corners of the world home. Idaho is a dynamic and growing state and no community exemplifies that more than Rexburg. Recently I was in Salt Lake City where the President of the United States was speaking. I was asked to join him there and then ride back to Idaho with him on Air Force One. As we flew to Idaho, I was discussing with the President things that were happening in the great state of Idaho. Even before I could mention it, the President said, “And you even have the dean of the Harvard business college moving to Idaho.” President Clark, your acceptance of this call to lead this great university is significant, and people have taken notice.

As governor of the state of Idaho I am excited to have your leadership here. In your experience at Harvard you helped train and educate students who are destined to become the leaders of business and financial institutions throughout the world. I’m confident that you commitment to the highest quality education will continue here at BYU-Idaho.

The students who study here will be able to compete with anyone in the world, but in this environment you will also have the opportunity to train and educate the leaders of perhaps the most important institution in society: the family. Certainly for our economy to grow and for our children to have jobs we need bright educated leaders in the business world. As governor I will also tell you that as a society, we need families with high morals and values, who will preserve our quality of life and citizens who would treat their neighbors with greater kindness and respect. Your students will leave here better educated and they will also be better human beings. President Clark, in this beautiful corner of the world called Rexburg, Idaho, you’ll have the opportunity to send forth leaders to this world who will make a difference in their communities by making a difference in their own homes. God bless you in this important endeavor.

Idahoans are rightfully proud of this great state and all of the significant events that occur here. This visit today by President Hinckley at the Inauguration of President Clark, a world renowned educator and businessman, an event marked by dignitaries from throughout the education and business world including the president of Harvard University, Larry Summers, is another significant event that makes all of us extremely proud. God bless us on this very special day.