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Inaugural Welcome to President Kim B. Clark

Inauguration of President Kim B. Clark

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Dearest President Hinckley, beloved brethren of the First Presidency, members of the Quorum of the Twelve and Board of Trustees, esteemed Faculty, Staff, Students, and Honored Guests: as president of the Faculty Association, I feel privileged to act as voice for the faculty of Brigham Young University-Idaho in welcoming President Clark and his wife, Sue, to this university. This truly is a day to celebrate.

Its been over five years since President Hinckley personally announced that Ricks College was to become Brigham Young University-Idaho. Even so, the newness of that proclamation, and the spiritual confirmation felt as we heard it declared by a prophet’s voice, has grown more vibrant while deepening in significance with the passing of time. Now with the advent of a new president, President Kim B. Clark, the spirit of this prophetic vision encourages and inspires us all the more.

Since President Hinckley’s announcement in June of 2000, this campus community has enjoyed the able leadership of President and Sister Bednar, and President and Sister Wilkes. During the time of their tenure we experienced impressive growth promoted by a vision of what this college could become through personal consecration and sacrifice, born of a living faith in Christ. Now we look beyond the present in the hope of enjoying a spirit of inspired innovation through the leadership of President Clark as we deepen our commitment to all that is good and right and possible at this university.

President Clark, may the Savior’s atoning power expand our minds and bind our hearts and individual gifts and talents to yours in an effort to realize a vision for this university that is God’s own.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.