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Inaugural Welcome to President Kim B. Clark

Inauguration of President Kim B. Clark

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President Clark, on behalf of all of the students, I welcome you to Brigham Young University-Idaho. In the short time you’ve already been here, we have grown to love you and your wife, Sister Clark.

We marvel at your great accomplishments in life; we recognize your even greater spiritual preparations; we are excited to have you here at our school.

We are excited for changes that lie ahead. We do not fear change. We do not fear doing things we have never done before. We do not fear following those whom God’s prophets have chosen to lead us.

Your role to us is more than that of an administrator. We look to you and Sister Clark as teachers, exemplars, and at times, almost like parents. We will follow your lead, we will do what you ask us to do, and we won’t complain. We will, and do, pray that God will smile upon you, and bless you with revelation and strength as you lead this university. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.