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"Suit Up, Soldier" coming to Rexburg

Suit Up, Soldier is a band that started in Provo, Utah after lead singer Wesley Monahan spread the word that he wanted to start a band. It took him six years to find the band members they have now, but he said they are very committed.   

When Monahan was in a Spanish class when he was sixteen and was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he immediately said, “I want to have a rock band.” It wasn’t until he heard himself say that, that he realized that was what he wanted to pursue as a career.  

“It was like this subconscious thing that I didn’t even know I wanted to do, but I wanted to be up on stage sharing my music even though I had never written a song before,” he said.  

After that experience he started writing songs and becoming more involved in getting prepared to start a band. When Monahan started the band most of the members were just doing music as a hobby rather than a career, so they all eventually started leaving the band, but Wesley continued writing songs and being recognized for the band name of Suit Up, Soldier.  

One of the aspects that has helped him to stay focused on his goal and not get discouraged when the band members would leave was embracing the rollercoaster. He also encourages musicians, or anyone who is trying to pursue any personal venture, to keep being persistent in your goal.  

“It’s going to be a lot of downs, but it’s going to be a lot of ups too. A lot of really joyful times that will kind of solidify and remind you why you are doing it,” he said.  

Monahan said he wants his music to inspire others to be kind to others even if they don’t agree with you and to continue to enjoy life with a fun attitude.  

“We grow up too fast and we try to get these adult jobs, and adult responsibilities and sometimes we let it suck the fun out of our lives,” he said.  

One of the lyrics from Suit Up, Soldier’s most popular song, “Tongue Tied Twisted” says, “Curse the day I act my age.” That always helps him remember how important it is to always have a fun and youthful spirit when the years go by.  

The band members are excited to perform in Rexburg and want those who come to feel connected to their music. They will perform one of their songs called, “Crying in College.”  

“I’ve been there, and I wanted it to be a message for college kids to understand that they are heard and that they can make it through these hard times,” he said.  

They will be playing a lot of pump songs and some soft songs. It will give the audience a chance to really enjoy the variety. Monahan said even if the audience doesn’t know their songs there will be chances for them to sing along and clap to a couple of their songs.  

The concert will be Friday, March 20 at The Basement in Rexburg and you can get tickets here. You can also get information about the band on their Facebook Page or their Instagram account @suitupsoldier_.